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Audio Response

CS Credit Union is Proud to offer Audio Response as a FREE service to you, our valued member. No longer will you have to leave a message for a return call simply to check a balance, draft clearing, payroll posting or other inquiries. No longer will you have to wait until the next business day to make inquiries, transfers and a check request. All this at YOUR convenience from the comfort of your home. Your CS Credit Union account number, personal identification code (chosen by you), and your telephone are all you need to conduct your personal Credit Union business.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact your Credit Union at 828-241-6048 or 828-241-6065. This is another way CS Credit Union is striving to serve you better.

Here's a sample of what you would hear:

Audio Response: Welcome to your Credit Union.  Please remember to enter the pound sign (#) after each entry.  Please enter your Account Number.
You: Press your Account Number
(ex. 1234). Press #.
Audio Response: Please enter your Personal Identification Code.
You: Press your 4-digit PIN. Press #.
Audio Response: Please enter the 2-digit transaction code or star (*) to review those that are available.
You: Press 10 for share inquiry. Press #.
Audio Response: Please enter the Record Number;
You: Press 01 (regular shares). Press #.
Audio Response: Your current balance is .....
Your available balance is ....
Date of last transaction is ...
Please enter the 2-digit transaction code or star(*) to review those that are available.
You: Press 99 (to end call). Press #.
Audio Response: Thank you for calling your Credit Union.

Remember, Audio Response is a free service !  So, the next time you want your account balance, call the Audio Response number for fast, efficient service.

Available Transactions

10 - Share Inquiry

Select your record number:
  01 - Regular Share
  02 - Share Draft

Audio Response gives you ..
  - Current Balance
  - Available Balance
  - Date of Last Transaction
17 - Account Transfers

Provides authorization for the Credit Union to transfer between your accounts.  Note that you have to enter the full amount in dollars and cents.
For example: $100.50, press 10050.
14 - Last Year's Dividend
and Interest
Gives total dividends earned and interest paid for all accounts.
21 - Loan Inquiry

When record number is entered, Audio Response gives you..
  - Current Principal Balance
  - Today's Payoff Amount
  - Each Day's Interest
50 - Last Payroll Info Gives the amount and date of the last payroll posting.
90 - Last Five Drafts Cleared

Lists the last 5 drafts cleared along with number, amount and date.
91 - Individual Draft Cleared

When a specific draft number is entered, indicates whether a draft has cleared or not.  If draft has cleared, the number, amount and date are listed.
92 - Last Five Transactions When record number is entered, Audio Response gives the date, amount and type of the last 5 "non-draft" postings.
99 - Ends Session Indicates to Audio Response you are finished and will automatically hang up.

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